One Direction June 16th or 17th Tickets

Hey! I was wondering if anybody had any tickets they’re selling for the One Direction Concert in LA on June 16th at the Gibson or June 17th at the Honda Center. Just message me, Thank you so much!

do you guys have personal tumblrs too?(:

No, just this one!

How come you're selling tickets you won?

We’re not! Haha we are selling the tickets we bought before we won, because we had two sets after :)

BTR Concert Tickets

Anyone interested in buying 2 tickets for the BTR concert tomorrow night in LA?!

how much for the tickets in LA?

They’re $52 each. If you’re interested I can tell you the seat numbers, they’re pretty good! :)

Big Tine Rush in LA!

If anyone is interested in buying 2 Big Time Rush concert tickets for tomorrow night let us know ASAP! We can message you all the information if you’re interested!

WAIT, ARE YOU SERIOUS? That's so cool! You're extremely lucky. :)x

Haha yeah! Thanks, I know! I can’t believe we got that lucky ♥

as being "the biggest 1D fans around" you dont post much -_-

Sorry we have school and we’re kind of busy… It doesn’t mean we don’t love them because we don’t post a new picture everyday.

HEY OMFG. Sorry if I'm wrong, but one of you looks awfully like the girl who won the BTR tickets on Ellen. LOL. :)x

Oh yeah hahaa that was me!

do you think I go to the hotel right now I'll see them? I'm dieing just to see them !!

Well by the pictures that are all over tumblr, the boys were just out so I’m guessing you would definitely have to wait a couple hours for them to come out again. We had to wait all day and we only saw them for a minute so I guess it just depends on how close you live and how much you really want to only see them because you won’t be able to talk to them or get pictures. Maybe find someone on twitter that is there right now and ask them to keep you updated and if you live close then you can just go over there when people think they are coming back?

what hotel were they staying at? :)

The W in Westwood, it’s like a block from ucla :)

oh my god f;gjdlfk cool! so do you have pics to share? :D

I just put them up. Sorry they aren’t very good!

Seeing them for like 2 seconds outside their hotel in LA. 

Hi! do you mind checking out my blog and maybe follow me? :) xx

followed ♥

have you guys ever met the boys?? :D

It is seriously so funny that you asked that today. I’m basically gonna go and rant now. Today, we were so stoked that they were in LA and we went completely determined to meet them. We saw them for about  30 seconds. They went behind these ropes waved then went into their hotel and we didn’t see them again. We waited for so many hours but we just weren’t lucky enough, I guess. So to answer your question, no we have not ever met the boys haha